Passive System

Easy setup and highest reliability. Combining the patented foldable ground antenna with our self developed UHF transponders creates an unmatched solution for the largest of running events.
The robust design also pays off at many other kinds of races like MTB races or mass participation triathlons. The precision of the system is 200 ms.

Foldable Ground Antenna

The patented original

The iconic red foldable mat has become inherent part of hundreds of start and finish lines in sports competitions all over the world.
The setup can be done in a few seconds. This saves personnel and storage costs. Race organizers benefit from the quick installation of split points. Road closures can be significantly shorter if the technical infrastructure is set up and dismantled faster.

Track Box Passive

UHF Timing Unlimited

The Track Box Passive allows UHF transponder timing with only one small device. The hands-free solution is easy to carry, super fast in setup and managed remotely. With UHF reader, GPS and battery integrated, it is the ideal device for split points, remote timing locations and advanced race visualization.


Transponders on Roll

Bib with Transponder

MTB Plate


Passive Transponders disposable

Designed to your needs

We are the first company in the sports industry to develop our own disposable UHF transponder. At a thickness of only 1.5 mm, the transponder provides the highest detection rates on the market.
Transponder can be purchased on roll or ready attached to a personalized bib. Seatpost stickers and Triathlon Tags complete the range.




Passive Transponders reusable

Made to last

Reusable passive transponders are robust, waterproof and designed for dozens of races. As a cost-effective alternative to active technology, they are used in large triathlons, road races or mud runs.


Timers' new flexibility

Produce your own UHF timing transponders! Enter the bib number via touchscreen, numpad or barcode scanner - Chip2Go encodes a transponder and feeds it out, ready to be attached to the bib. Chip2Go facilitates your job as a timer and can save you money.

High Gain Antenna

For barrier-free finish lines

Perfect for special purposes like mass road cycling events. With high signal power these antennas provide long range and high precision. The passive transponder is usually put to the seatpost sticker participants have attached to their bike.
Please note: Using the High Gain UHF Antenna you need to comply to legal regulations and the correct setup is very important to achieve good results!

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