Active V3 Transponders


Thousands of events around the world rely on RACE RESULT active transponders as a guarantee for maximum precision and reliability under all conditions.

V3 is the third transponder generation and takes the product to the next level with significantly lower power consumption, greater resistance to interferences and significantly increased accuracy.

The four V3 transponder options are tuned to different application scenarios. Different transponders can be used in the same race.

ActiveBasic V3

The budget choice. For clubs and events that appreciate the reliability of active technology and can do without the highest accuracy, tracking and store mode.

ActivePro V3

The best choice for most events. Combines high accuracy and speed with long battery life, store mode and tracking.

ActivePro V3 Performance

High-end transponders for pro races. Delivers the highest accuracy, most stable data transmission in sprint finishes, additional tracking data and store mode.

MotorKart V3

Special transponder for timing go-karts, optimized for avoiding electrical interferences at detection heights < 0.5 m. Ensures highest reliability and precision over tens of thousands of rounds of kart racing.

The minimum time between two detections where our solution can define the correct order of passings reliably

Max. Speed
Maximum speed for a reliable detection

Warranted usage time of the transponder

Activation Antenna
3D: Transponder can be in any orientation
2D: Transponder must be mounted vertical

Store Mode
In Store Mode, detections can be stored intentionally on the transponder and be read out by a system at a later point in time

Tracking Mode
The Tracking Mode allows for tracking & timing with the same transponder

Tracking Lifetime
Time the transponder can spend in Tracking Mode (fast / slow interval)

Maximum rated operating temperature range - without battery voltage restrictions

No hidden costs

Once you purchase the transponder, it's yours! There are no follow-up costs such as activation or subscription fees, renewal costs, expiration dates etc.

Highest accuracy

Our active transponders already were among the most accurate timing solutions on the market. With the V3 transponder, we were able to implement an even further improved timing algorithm. The result is a significantly improved accuracy - according to measurements,the best in this transponder class.

Improved power consumption

Utilizing the latest semiconductor technology, V3 has a significantly reduced power consumption compared to any existing transponders. This allows for new functionalities, exceptionally long activation duration, more store mode and tracking mode usage.

Unique features

With "Store Mode" and "Tracking Mode" the application scenarios of the RACE RESULT Active transponder* can be expanded. No other timing transponder on the market offers these functions. V3 consumes significantly less battery in tracking mode, so the feature can be used even more frequently.

Works in any orientation

No matter what position the transponder is in when crossing the timing line, thanks to the 3D activation antenna, the times are always precisely recorded and transmitted. (The ActiveBasic V3 has a 2D antenna, so it must be mounted vertically.)

High performance in low temperatures

V3 delivers reliable timing data even at low temperatures and low battery levels. Compared to its predecessor, the V3 has been greatly improved in this regard. Active transponder can be used from -25° C to +70° C.

Extra transponder code

Store your own data on the transponder. An individually programmable and changeable code (0...30000 / A-000...Z-999) is transmitted with each passing. In addition, each transponder has a key-value-store that you can assign as you wish (e.g. “Owner” : “MyTimingCompany” ). This code can be changed and read out via the Management Box.

Ergonomic and robust

All active transponders are 100% waterproof. With a weight of only 16.8 g and a size of 36 x 40 x 9 mm, they are comfortable to wear and easy to attach. Smooth edges increase comfort for athletes.

* Not available for ActiveBasic V3 Transponder

  ActiveBasic V3 ActivePro V3 ActivePro V3 Performance MotorKart V3
Warranty* / Battery lifetime
Years4 years5 years3.5 years3.5 years
Tracking fast / slow400 / 1000 days150 / 300 days150 / 300 days
Accuracy0.2 s0.004 s0.004 s0.004 s
Max. speed60 km/h120 km/h150 km/h120km/h
Resolution**0.001 s0.001.s0.001 s0.001 s
2.4 GHz backupdualdualquaddual
Exit passing precision170 ms100 ms50 ms170 ms
Reaction time500 ms250 ms125 ms125 ms
Loop Antenna2D3D3D3D
Detection Height2 m2 m2 m0.5 m
Max. time between Track Boxes5 h5 h5 h
Max. time between Loops25 h25 h25 h
Typical track ping range50 m200 m50 m
ActivationLoop ID 8 + Channel ID 8Loop ID 8 + Channel ID 8Management Box
Adaptive track ping intervals4 s / 1.75 s / 1 s1 s / 0.5 s1 s / 0.5 s
Store Mode
Max. passings stored64128128
Max. store time 12 h24 h12 h
Store Mode precisionTemperature compensated +-10 ppm
Temperature-25 °C – 70 °C
Extra transponder code
Adaptive noise avoidance
Key-value store
Deep sleep mode
Dimensions36 x 40 x 9 mm
Weight16.8 g
Temperature-25 °C – 70 °C
Shock Resistance>1,000 G
HousingIP69 TPE molded case sealed with PU compound 100 % salt water proof
Battery indicatorbattery status data in passing

Please note: All data apply to the optimal configuration of the RACE RESULT hardware. More information about the setup can be found here in our Knowledge Base.

* the value reached first is applied
** when using Ubidium

Active V3 Transponders :: Data Sheet

Features and facts of the different transponder versions at a glance.

ActivePro V2ActivePro V3
Accuracy0.01 s0.004 s
Battery lifetime when standing over loop5 days250 days
Battery lifetime with tracking activated2.000 h24.000 h
Timing resolution0.04 s0.001 s
Store Modenot calibrated, not temperature compensated+-5ppm calibrated and temperature compensated
Max. store time12 h12 h, enlarged by 12 h after each intended stored passing
Tracking Activationadditional loop with Management Boxevery timing system with Loop 8 / Channel 8
Adaptive track ping rate 5 s / 2 s / 1 s
Max. time between Track Boxes3 h5 h
Exit passing precision1 s0.1 s
Adaptive Noise Avoidance
Extra Transponder Code

Passive Transponders

Passive UHF transponders are ideal for all running races and mass events in triathlon and cycling.
The transponders are detected by our foldable floor mat, side antennas or the Track Box Passive. The accuracy is 0.2 s.
The RACE RESULT passive transponders are the only UHF transponders specially developed for sports timekeeping and are praised by customers worldwide for highest detection rates.

Bib with transponder attached

Tyvek® race number, designed and personalized according to your specifications. We attach the passive transponder on the back and program it. The professional ready-to-go solution for your event!


Transponders on roll

Transponders for your own further processing. Can be programmed according to your wishes. Alternatively, you can opt for precoded transponders or raw transponders that you program yourself with the Chip2Go.


MTB Plate with transponder attached

The race number is designed according to your specifications and, if desired, personalized. Made from durable PVC material. We stick the transponder on the back and program it appropriately. Tough product for tough racing!


Triathlon Tag with transponder

The foam strip with integrated transponder is attached to the ankle. Ideal for large events! Layout and number ranges can be adjusted.


Seatpost sticker with transponder

Simply sticked underneath the saddle and off you go! The aerodynamic solution for large cycling events. The transponder is incorporated into the material and programmed to match the printed start number. Customizable layout!



The reusable UHF transponder is worn on the ankle. We also supply the matching neoprene Velcro strap! The low-cost solution for triathlons and obstacle races. Programmed with a unique 7-digit code.


Baton with Transponder

The uncomplicated solution for relay races. Two transponders are incorporated into the stickers and programmed according to the start number.



Passive transponder made from credit card material, suitable for permanent timing installations and tracking (Track Box Passive).


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