Track Box Passive

The Track Box Passive allows UHF transponder timing with only one small device. The hands-free solution is easy to carry, super fast in setup and managed remotely. With UHF reader, GPS and battery integrated, it is the ideal device for split points, remote timing locations and advanced race visualization.

With its integrated UHF reader, GPS and battery integrated, this is the ideal device for split points, remote timing locations and advanced race visualization. *

Self-sufficient device

The TrackBox Passive is a complete timing sytsem. It can even be connected to a solar panel for permanent installations.

Hands-free solution

Being pre-configured, the device is activated with one click of a button click and now runs autonomously. It needs no further operation by a helper to send detection data for 10-18 hours.

Unmatched dimensions

With a weight of only 1.7kg/3.7lbs, the box can be easily carried to remote locations. Automatic standby mode lets the box preserve energy during the night.

Remote control

Main functionalities can be configured and managed via an online interface.

* The necessary SIM cards are not included in the purchase.

Two status LEDs indicate GPS, network and reader status at any time. If a transponder is detected, the LED blinks blue and the box beeps.
SIM Card Slot
You can open the box to insert your own SIM. The integrated LTE modem can now send data to the server-adress you configured. All important settings can be defined with the online configuration or through Track Box Configuration Rules.
RFID Reader
At only 4 watts, the custom RACE RESULT reader has the lowest power consumption on the market. The RAIN UHF Gen2 protocol parameters are tailored specifically for timing applications. The reader is orientation-aware: It automatically switches to standby mode if the box is laid flat facing upwards.
Button (backside)
The device is switched on and off with one button click. The button can be locked via an configuration software.
Mounting options
The box has three magnets integrated. They allow the box to be hung from lampposts or street signs. With the box hanging, the angle can be adjusted to ensure the antenna points directly towards the transponders. It can also be placed on the ground and secured with the provided stakes.
Battery & Charging
The box has three 4000mAh 3,7V Li-Po batteries with a total capacity of 45Wh. Battery life is 10-18 hours in operation and 10 days in standby. With the 12V AC power supply and double charge adapter, two boxes can be charged simultaneously. With the reader in standby, charging time is 6 hours.

The Track Box Passive is set up along the course where the density of participants is not too high. Ideally, the device is installed perpendicular (90 degrees) to the direction of travel.
With the optimal setup and transponders worn correctly, you can expect >99% detections within 4 meters range. Transponders up to 25 meters may be detected, but with reduced read rates. Please note: All UHF timing systems need a direct line of sight between transponder and receiving antenna.
The Track Box Passive combines the transponder read with the current GPS position and sends the data via SIM card to a defined server. It is seamlessly integrated into RACE RESULT 12 timing software where it is operated like a conventional timing system.
The configuration of the box is done via online interface. Some parameters can even be changed by sending an SMS to the box. Learn more about the configuration here.
The Track Box Passive is not designed to be used as timing system for start and finish lines. Wherever you require highest precision and rely on a detection, please use a ground antenna.

Track Box Passive :: Data Sheet

Features, Technical Specifications, Positioning

Semi-permanent Timing Installation with Track Boxes

Salzkammergut Trophy

Dimensions & Standards
Protection Class
(Power Connector Plugged in or Closed)
Regulatory Conformity and Standards EN60950 (safety)
EN50581:2012 (RoHS)
EN302208 (UHF RFID)*
EN301489 (2.4GHz)*
FCC Part 15.247 (UHF RFID)*
FCC Part 15 (2.4GHz)*
Regulatory Regions ETSI_LOW
1) 866MHz / ETSI LOW
2) 915MHz / FCC
Temperature Range -20°C to 50°C
Dimensions / Weight 335mm x 160mm x 55mm
**UHF operates globally on different frequencies (e.g. Europe 865 - 868 MHz, USA 902-968 MHz, AUS 920-925 MHz) with different detailed regulatory requirements. That is why RACE RESULT provides different versions of the system for different regulatory areas. When operating the passive part of the system in another country, make sure it complies with local regulation.

Power & Battery
3 x 4000mAh 3.7v Li-Po
Battery Life** 12-18h (UHF reader on - blue LED on)
10 days (Standby)
Charging Time
(0% - 90%)
6h (UHF reader off - blue LED off)
10h (UHF reader on - blue LED on)
Charging Temperature 0°C - 40°C
Power Consumption 4W (UHF reader on & battery full)
10W (battery charging)
DC Power Supply 12v - 15v, 800mA (battery charging)
10.8v PB battery undervoltage protection
AC Power Supply 100v - 230v, 50/60Hz
Solar Power Supply 5v - 25v (4W/6W/8W/10W)
recommended - 30W - 50W "12v" panel
DC > 17v enables solar mode
**Dependent on volume of data transmitted and temperature

Detections & Passings
40,000 passings (not persistent)
Timing Resolution 1/10th second
Timing Accuracy Up to 200ms
dependent on speed and distance between box and transponder
Detection Rate***
(With clear line of sight to transponders at 5x transponders per second = 300x per minute)
>99% within 4m of a single box
>90% within 8m of a single box
>99% between 2 boxes with 8m distance
Max Speed 100km/h = 60mph
(single transponder in read zone)
Max Simultaneous Transponders 40x transponder in read zone
Max Theoretical Throughput 300x transponders per minute

RF Characteristics
2.4GHz Channel Frequencies
(Worldwide compliance)
1: 2.480MHz
5: 2.415MHz
2: 2.405MHz
6: 2.460MHz
3: 2.425MHz
7: 2.435MHz
4: 2.475MHz
8: 2.450MHz
2.4GHz TX Power 3.5dBm
2.4GHz Range 50m - 150m
UHF Bands ETSI LOW: 865.7 / 866.3 / 866.9 / 867.5 MHz
(bands dependent on regional regulations)
UHF TX Power 36dBm EIRP typical
(up to 39dBm EIRP, dependent on regional regulations)
UHF RX Sensitivity -85dBm
Integrated UHF Antenna 6dBi gain
90° beamwidth
Connectivity & GPS
Internal GPS
Qualcomm gpsOne Gen8c with GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou/Compass, Galileo and QZSS
29 Band 4G / LTE / 3G / 2G Module
Worldwide Coverage
FDD: B1 / B2 / B3 / B4 / B5 / B7 / B8 / B12 / B13 / B18 / B19 / B20 / B26 / B28
TDD:B38 / B39 / B40/ B41
WCDMA: B1 / B2 / B4/ B5 / B8 / B6 / B19
GSM: B2 / B3 / B5 / B8
SIM Card 2FF standard / mini-size
Antennas internal
Package Contents
Includes foam-padded case with shoulder strap
2 x Track Boxes
2 x tripod mounts
2 x stakes
1 x double charge adapter
1 x 12v AC adapter
1 x mains power lead
Dimensions / Weight 390mm x 300mm x 135mm

Track Box Active

With the Track Box, you can provide tracking and timing with the same transponder. Track Boxes placed along the course or on race vehicles receive pings from all tracking-enabled transponders within a 50 m radius and transmit the data live online. You can then use this data to produce live tracking visualisation, and to publish an unprecedented amount of splits.

Receive track pings from Active Transponders in a 50 m radius
Upload GPS tracking data live online
Up to 5 days battery life
Built-in magnets for easy mounting
Practical stack charging

With Tracking Mode activated, the ActivePro V3 sends out pings. RACE RESULT Track Boxes receive these signals and transmit them via mobile network to the timing server. This allows for better athlete tracking without the need for additional tracking devices. The Track Box is also the easiest way to set up split points in remote places.

Track Box Active :: Data Sheet

Facts & Figures

Track Box Active :: Quick Start Guide

Inserting SIM Card, placement along the course, LED codes

Safety & conditions Track Box
Protection class IP64
Safety norm EN60950
Temperature -20°C to 70°C
Dimensions / weight 165 x 102 x 32 mm / 400 g
Internal GPS Qualcomm gpsOne Gen8 with GLONASS
Internal 3G 7 band 3G + quadband GPRS
Standard SIM-Card
Battery type LiPo, 4,000 mAh, 3.7 V
Charge current 230mA at 15V (full in 5h)
150mA at 12V (full in 10h)
Battery life Moving: 1 day
Stationary: 3-5 days
2.4 GHz RF specification
Transponder 2.4GHz
channel frequencies (worldwide compliance)
1: 2.480 MHz
2: 2.405 MHz 3: 2.425 MHz 4: 2.475 MHz 5: 2.415 MHz 6: 2.460 MHz 7: 2.435 MHz 8: 2.450 MHz
2.4 GHz TX Power 3,5 dBm
Internal Data Buffer 10,000 trackping records
Read Range 50 m - 150 m
10 Track Boxes Pack
Content Foam-padded suitcase with shoulder strap
10 Track Boxes
Track Box charge adapter
15 V AC adaptor with universal power inlet
Mains power lead
Dimensions / weight 390 x 300 x 135 mm / 5.5 kg

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