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RACE RESULT is the technology leader in the market of sports timekeeping technology and is developing rapidly around the world. We are the partner at your side and offer the complete package for your timekeeping business.

Highest Reputation

Hundreds of companies worldwide specialized in time keeping rely on RACE RESULT technology. As a race director, you can trust that RACE RESULT timers provide high quality services according to global standards.
Any event of any kind and size can be timed accurately, precisely and cost-effectively. The race result AG as the parent company is always in the background. We provide the necessary technical infrastructure, trainings and extensive support to our timers worldwide.

Last 12 Months
Discount Price
Quantity to reach discount level:
Systems Bib-Transponder Bib+Chip
10,000 AUD -0.20 AUD 1.05 AUD 1.40 AUD   ~1 9524 7143
15,000 AUD -0.25 AUD 1.00 AUD 1.35 AUD   ~2 15000 11111
20,000 AUD -0.30 AUD 0.95 AUD 1.30 AUD   ~3 21053 15385
30,000 AUD -0.35 AUD 0.90 AUD 1.25 AUD   ~4 33333 24000
40,000 AUD -0.40 AUD 0.85 AUD 1.20 AUD   ~6 47059 33333
60,000 AUD -0.45 AUD 0.80 AUD 1.15 AUD   ~9 75000 52174
80,000 AUD -0.50 AUD 0.75 AUD 1.10 AUD   ~12 106667 72727
100,000 AUD -0.55 AUD 0.70 AUD 1.05 AUD   ~15 142857 95238
125,000 AUD -0.60 AUD 0.65 AUD 1.00 AUD   ~18 192308 125000
150,000 AUD -0.65 AUD 0.60 AUD 0.95 AUD   ~22 250000 157895
250,000 AUD -0.70 AUD 0.55 AUD 0.90 AUD   ~36 454545 277778
all prices excl. VAT/Tax

Timer Discounts

As a race timer you can receive major discounts on all Passive Transponders. The discount depends on how much you spent with us in the last 12 months. The more you invest with RACE RESULT, the higher your discount will be.

Please note:

When you start with RACE RESULT, purchasing systems will immediately increase your discount. You can maintain or increase your discount level with additional purchases.

Everything you purchase from RACE RESULT counts toward your discount: timing systems, active transponders, disposable tags, and also bibs, pins, and everything else we offer in our shop.

The discount applies to the 1-piece list price in our web shop. Volume discounts for large orders do not apply at the same time.

Buy or Rent

Race timers usually buy 2-5 systems which are sufficient for most of their events. For large events, they can flexibly rent additional systems.


On your behalf we manufacture race numbers, safety pins, transponders and additional event supplies, and ship optionally directly to your clients.


Active or passive, disposable or reusable - RACE RESULT has the right transponder for every event.


Our timing software is the most flexible software solution and ideal for all your events. It enables you to realize any requirement your customers may have.

►❙❙ One complete solution

Cologne Marathon, one of Germany's top running events, trusts in RACE RESULT not only in terms of hardware. Online registration, bib printing, live data, results page: the organizer uses the whole spectrum of our products and services.