Timing solution for
Mountainbike races

For a mountain bike race, we recommend to use the passive system with disposable transponders attached to the back of the bike plates. This setup is being used for both amateur as well as elite events like the German National MTB League or the Mitas 4 Islands MTB. No matter whether you have a fixed course or a 24h race, the Passive System is your best friend.

Event Reference

4 Islands MTB Croatia


The legendary race is part of the EPIC series and consists of 5 stages on different Croatian islands. It is timed by our customer RacebasePro, who uses the passive system with ground antenna for it. The participants have a MTB plate with a passive transponder attached to the handlebars, which they keep throughout all stages.


With the transponder at the bike plate, participants only need to fix their plate at the handlebar. No additional transponder to wear. And all you need to do, is unfolding the antenna at the finish line. Guess who is faster?
In the software, you can choose from the template that fits best to your event - either a standard event, a lap race for individuals, or a team lap race. We are sure you will find what you need



Receives the signals from the transponders, calculates the exact finish time and provides the data to the scoring software like RACE RESULT 12 in real time. Internal battery for 8-10 hours, integrated 4G module, precise GPS time, 2 ethernet ports.

Foldable Ground Antenna

The patented red mat has become inherent part of hundreds of start and finish lines in sports competitions all over the world. The setup can be done in a few seconds. This saves personnel and storage costs. Race organizers benefit from the quick installation of split points.

MTB Plate with Transponder

Made from durable PVC material. We stick the transponder on the back and program it appropriately. Tough product for tough racing! Layout and number ranges completely customizable.

Cable Straps


RACE RESULT 12 Software

The complete software for timing and managing of any kind of sports event. The intuitive user interface allows you to setup events without complicated formulas or calculations. Featuring registration, event timing, scoring, live results and various output options in one browser-based solution.

Pricing for the Complete Solution

rent buy  
RACE RESULT System 5000s, 4.8m
Decoder + 4.8m Ground Antenna
549 AUD 7,390 AUD per system
MTB Plate A5 with Transponder A5 2.15 AUD - 3.05 AUD per piece
Cable Straps 200mm, 100 pcs.
to attach the bike plate to the handlebar
5.90 AUD per 100 pieces
Software RACE RESULT 12
including online registration
  0.14 AUD - 0.48 AUD per participant
Optionally: payment processing
for online registration
1%-5% plus transaction fee
depending on the payment method
All prices plus VAT / tax if applicable
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