Registration and Results offers a simple, secure and fast online registration to your event. With just a few clicks in RACE RESULT 12 you can enable the online registration and adapt it to your needs using numerous settings. is also the platform of choice to publish your results - like 10,000s of events do every year.

Lisa G.4. AdventureWalk Thüringen19:10
Silvio G.4. AdventureWalk Thüringen19:10
Katrin F.60 Tage Challenge 202319:10
Michael L.18. Darß Marathon19:10
Bernd K.Rund um Köln 202319:10
Martin S.SWE Albtal-Triathlon Ettlingen19:09
Robert W.Sahrtal Trail 60K19:09
Cornelia K.2. Ultralauf HaWei50 / 2. Nachtlauf HaWei by night19:08
Mikko J.Tuusula MTB19:08
Nadine N.Weiberfasnacht-Lauf 202319:08
Cindy G.60 Tage Challenge 202319:08
Philip M.Mainauenlauf 2023 - Lauf für die Sinne19:08
Jörg M.Mainauenlauf 2023 - Lauf für die Sinne19:08
Pamela B.Brustkrebslauf 3.019:08
Damián B.Beh Revúckym chotárom 2023 - 4. ročník19:07

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More than 5,000,000 athletes per year are timed with our solutions. A growing number of organizers trust as their all-in-one platform for registrations and results.

Live Data made Easy

While you are working offline with RACE RESULT 12, you can activate the online forwarding function. then publishes live results during the event.

The responsive website layout is optimized for mobile devices, creating a greater race experience for spectators and athletes!

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You create a smooth user experience, our servers take the workload. Sounds like a deal?
RACE RESULT 12 provides free-of-charge Javascript snippets for registration and results lists. Simply embed the code to your own website and adjust the layout via CSS.

Payment method Payout to you
per participant
Price per participant
Debit (SEPA) 0.06 EUR + 1% of the total amount
Credit Card 0.65 EUR + 4% of the total amount
PayPal EUR 0.78 EUR + 4% of the total amount
PayPal GBP 0.78 EUR + 5% of the total amount
PayPal USD 0.78 EUR + 4% of the total amount
Money Transfer Switzerland 1.50 EUR
Deposit Slip Switzerland 1.50 EUR + 1% of the total amount
Swiss PostFinance 0.65 EUR + 3% of the total amount
Sofortü 0.55 EUR + 2.5% of the total amount
Money Transfer Germany 1.00 EUR
Voucher Code free
All prices excl. VAT/tax

Secure Online Payment

Optionally, you can require the athletes to pay the entry fees of your event during the online registration process. You can choose among the listed payment methods.

Enter the fee per participant and the vat to calculate the amount we pay out to you:

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Advanced Data Management spreads the resulting workload over several server systems distributed over Germany. A quick access to your results is ensured even at peak times. provides a maximum of data quality. All information will be transferred encrypted and thus protected from the access by third parties.


Our Result List 2.0 has hit it big. Athletes and spectators can not only download the result lists or share it on social media, but also comment on them. On some events, hundreds of congratulations and greetings have been left.

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